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"Throughout my journey, I’ve embraced the philosophy of leading with the broader purpose of helping others to develop and perform at a high level." - Debbie

Debbie Heiser, Founder The Lit Up Life

Born and raised in the Midwest, it’s safe to say I’ve always valued the importance of community and embraced the idea that we all have a unique purpose to fulfill. Initially, this led me down the path of education. After earning my bachelor’s degree, I started teaching in public education with the goal of helping young people realize their full potential. But I had a strong drive of my own that couldn’t quite be satiated in the classroom.

That’s when I ventured into the business world — first in sales for Sprint Yellow Pages, then as a sales trainer at Sprint. In those roles, I applied my teaching knowledge and developed coaching skills. Providing feedback to trainees was essential to help reframe thier approaches and believe in their ability to sell.

I rose through the ranks at Sprint and eventually moved to Citi, where I became Vice President of Training. Decades in the world of large corporations provided ample opportunities to grow and learn, with challenges that could literally stretch across the country. However, this expansion of scale also clarified that my passions thrived in more personal interactions.

That’s why, in 2014, I decided to move to a medium-sized company in Sandpoint, Idaho — an incredibly gorgeous town not far from the Canadian border. Once settled, I moved into the role of CFO and began working on my Masters in Organizational Leadership, with an emphasis in Servant Leadership, at Gonzaga University.

In Sandpoint, a friend and former colleague with whom I’d conducted business assessments asked me to help get her business ready to sell within three years. Initially, I focused on the operational, HR, and leadership components of the business by helping with KPI’s, hiring, and processes. Not long afterwards, I stepped into coaching full time and was able to take my business from $38K in revenue to multiple six figures in 18 months.

Today, I’m coaching full-time, teaching leadership courses at Gonzaga University, and loving every moment of my life in Idaho as an avid skier, devoted friend and mother, and an inspiring grandmother. I’ve incorporated more and more around clear and concise plans, allowing my clients to overcome the binds holding them back so they can get out of their own way, and jump into the adventure of life!

Throughout my journey, I’ve embraced the philosophy of leading with the broader purpose of helping others to develop and perform at a high level. This also includes developing leaders in the community in which I live through volunteering on numerous boards and as part of an International Women’s Mastermind that provides coaching and support to women around the world who are making a massive impact.

I love working with people to help them step into the best version of themselves through their businesses. Helping you state and solidify your goals, and then take meaningful steps to become the person you need to be to achieve them is a skill I’m proud to possess and a journey I can’t wait to take with you.

LaChelle Weime: Program Coach

I am a small town, Minnesota mama, nurse anesthetist, former professor, podcaster, speaker and coach with big dreams. I am obsessed with learning, drawing out the beauty in all things around me (especially people and small businesses), chilling in the pool, long naps and traveling with my family.

Coaching clients with The Lit Up Life allows me to see others stepping into their purpose, break through barriers and create an impact driven life on their own terms.

I am thrilled to be here with you... listening, guiding and creating with you as you develop your own personal version of The Lit Up Life.

Wendy Schultz: Program Coach

I left the corporate world 10 years ago to pursue entrepreneurship and create the life of my dreams. And trust me, I've been through it all. From losing a 7-figure business in 30 days and hitting rock bottom to clawing my way back stronger than ever, I have a never quit attitude!

My back ground is in sales and negotiation- bring these skills and fresh perspectives to The Lit Up Life team.

If you need a hand to help pull you out of the hole, I'm your gal. Be prepared to get to work though because you won't get to wallow for long! I can see through excuses and will challenge you to push through them. I am an out of the box thinker and helps people to see things in a way they hadn't thought of before. I will be your biggest cheerleader but will also lovingly call you out and give you a kick in the butt when you're stuck. I am great at helping brainstorm solutions and finding the way to reach your goals by quantum leaps.

Needless to say, I like to speak in terms of millions and help people to see a much bigger vision for themselves. I challenge the status quo by doing things in a way that others didn't think is possible. I live my dream life having moved from Wisconsin to Florida to be near the beach while still running a vacation rental business back in Wisconsin.

Joni Francisco, PT, DPT, NTP: Program Coach

I am the owner of FLOW With Dr. Joni. I help clients translate the messages their body is sending them so they can truly find the root cause and heal. My FLOW Method program is carefully curated program to teach the helpers and healers how to move the energy blocks and drains from their body and business, so they can show up great consistently for their clients, families and life, all while building abundance and FLOW.

I enjoy living in beautiful Priest Lake, Idaho where I see clients in person at my Priest Lake and Sandpoint offices. I also love being able to connect and help people across the nation with my virtual programs.

I am building a community of connected helpers and healers wanting to find more abundance and FLOW in their lives and businesses in The Abundance and FLOW Community on FaceBook.

Heather Keith, Attorney: Program Coach

I started my practice 12 years ago as a one-woman show with almost nothing in the bank and earning less than I would at a fast-food restaurant. Cut to the present, I have built an amazing seven-figure divorce and family law firm with beautiful offices in New Jersey and a team of 10 wonderful women – two international– working seamlessly together, sharing and growing my vision of humane divorce and serving hundreds of clients each year.

I attribute my success as a CEO and business and performance coach in large part to mindset work, adherence to the Universal Laws, and my connection to other inspiring and positive growth-minded individuals.

As I work my way out of my own organizational chart, I look forward to a future in sharing with other women what I have learned and helping them to unlock their full potential and truly shine in the world.

Sarah Carleton: Chief Community Builder

I am the Chief Community Builder at The Lit up Life. Having been a business owner for years and with copious amounts of experience in bringing people together through gatherings and event, I thrive most in collaborative environments.

I really LOVE when people come together and connect, it completely energizes me! I am passionate about helping others feel seen and heard. I have a dedication to excellence and put my heart and soul into everything I do.

When I am not connecting and gathering people you can find me savoring a delicious meal with my family, in my flower garden (I have a serious love affair with dahlias), reading a good book, sending handwritten notes to friends or enjoying nature. I live in Spokane, WA with my wonderful husband and 3 great kids.

Meredith Banka: Chief Marketing Officer

I have a passion for helping women to build businesses, earn incredible incomes and create lives that allow them to be the mothers, partners and humans that they dream of.

I spent the first 20 years of my career working in corporate sales and marketing. Climbing from an entry level position to the VP of Marketing for a publicly traded company, was an absolute thrill. I loved my job and the company I worked for- the traditional 9-5 just wasn't working for our family. So when our son was born in 2012- I quit.

With no idea what my next step was going to be, I jumped into being a full time mom. That didn't last a hot minute. I love to work and I love business. Four start ups and 10 years later, I my passion for building businesses has never stopped.

Now, through The Lit Up Life, I work with business owners and entrepreneurs to help them take the mystery out of marketing and learn to love how to share their important work with the world.

I know the more people I help to realize their business dreams, the more families and communities will benefit. Your future success drives me every day. I can't wait to help you reach your goals!

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