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We help female entrepreneurs make a ton of money, doing what they love

without sacrificing what they value most

As an entrepreneur, you are passionate, motivated and driven to succeed
It time to see the possibilities within yourself
You want something more than what you are experiencing now
  • The hustle culture of entrepreneurship and the idea of success at all costs no longer fit for you

  • You are ready to step into a new way of living and working that not only make you a ton of money but also bring you joy and soulful satisfaction

  • You know you want to build your business, be your own boss and reach new heights but...

  • You also know there is a better way, one where harmony, community and feeling alive in all areas of your life are the result instead of the mythical reality you have been chasing

It's Your Turn to Live...

Begin Your Journey

What We Offer

In our community and through our programs you can create the life you have been dreaming of.

Where your important work is part of what you do, without owning you every minute.

Where you have a deep sense of gratitude and project confidence in all you do.

Where clients and revenue come to you easily, authentically and naturally.

Get clear on what you want

Uncover the driving forces your head and heart might hesitate to say. Clear away the unnecessary and get laser-focused on having the business you want and living the life you’re meant to lead.

Learn to live life in harmony

Actionable steps, practices, and approaches will allow you to lead your business — instead of the other way around — so that you can experience and enjoy the wholeness of your life.

Become joyfully fearless

Feel lit up personally and professionally, unafraid to say and set big goals for yourself, excited about what you’re able to achieve, and fulfilled with a sense of purpose.

About The Lit Up Life Community

Little girls with

Dreams, become women with Vision

The Lit Up Life Founder, Debbie Heiser, has decades of leadership in Fortune 100 companies, first-hand knowledge of small businesses, and experience in corporate training and education.

As a part of The Lit Up Life community, you’ll uncover your fundamental driving forces and ultimate ambitions, identify the obstacles in your way, and establish a well-laid-out plan to lead your business and love your life.


Years Experience

The Lit Up Life with Debbie Heiser

Work With Us

Our Programs

Private Coaching

Uncover the path that’s right for you & travel it fearlessly

If you want clarity, purpose, and a plan to lead your business and love your life, let us work with you one on one to overcome personal obstacles, achieve professional and financial goals, and radiate joy.


Community and connection serves as the backbone of the Lit Up Life Mastermind

Go beyond the buzz words of “Time and Financial Freedom”
and learn how to create a new reality where you work and live the way you want.


Our in-person and virtual retreats capitalize on the benefits of an interactive group dynamic

Our Cast Your Vision Retreat is an annual gathering of entrepreneurs ready to expand their horizons.


Through collaborating with your group, class or team, we bring a message of harmony- work as a part of a contagiously vibrant life

Inquire about having us join your next event, workshop or conference.

Put the pieces together to step into your LIT UP LIFE!

Schedule a Clarity Call with us today and begin your journey to a

life of harmony and business success

Why Choose Us

Empowering Women to Live In Harmony

Experienced Mentors

Our team of coaches, led by The Lit Up Life Founder, Debbie Heiser, are experienced, professional and caring. We hold space for our clients to grow. We encourage, we guide and we support. Lifting you up and helping see your personal power is part of your DNA. You won't find this level of expertise and mentorship anywhere else.

Connected Community

We attract women who are willing. Willing to grow, willing to take steps in new directions, willing to trust the process and willing to go within. You will not be alone on your journey. Beyond our coaches, our community thrives on connection, truth and laughter. Come as you are. You've found a place where you can belong.

Fresh Approach

We go beyond theory and fluff. Scratching the surface will not create lasting results. We provide the space for you to explore deeper in a safe and collaborative environment. Free from drama and full of results. We hear often that our programs are unlike any others because we go beyond the surface and reach the soul.

In Their Words

What Our Clients Say

Debbie is fantastic at all the things I love to learn about like quantum physics and brain science and really allowing ourselves to step into our full potential.

LaChelle Weime, Business Coach

I've reached my financial goal every year since working with Debbie... and every year the goal is higher.

Amanda Yoder, LMT

She is open and willing to use her own life experience as an example for the rest of us.

Shawna McKinnis, Realtor

She brings things to your awareness that you may not think about.

Jenny Graham, Realtor

Listen to Our Podcast

Lead Your Life with Debbie Heiser

The Law of Sacrifice

Take a few moments to think: what are some of the messages or preconceived thoughts that you have received throughout your life about sacrifice?

Ponder this: What do you need to let go of in order to let come?

I share about a powerful nature walk that you can do to help bring clarity in the letting go.

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The Work Life Balance Myth

The concept of work - life balance, let’s talk about it. To me, it is about having a life that is in harmony as opposed to balance. Balance is a subtle set up for failure because my life is part of my work and my work is part of my life. It’s asking myself, is what I am doing and being in harmony with who I am?

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Living Authentically

Join us in this conversation with Joanna Ingram as we discuss the purpose driven work that lights us up, having a business that is sustainable for yourself, limiting beliefs, visibility in our business and so much more.

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