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The Law of Sacrifice

Take a few moments to think: what are some of the messages or preconceived thoughts that you have received throughout your life about sacrifice?

Ponder this: What do you need to let go of in order to let come?

I share about a powerful nature walk that you can do to help bring clarity in the letting go.

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The Work Life Balance Myth

The concept of work - life balance, let’s talk about it. To me, it is about having a life that is in harmony as opposed to balance. Balance is a subtle set up for failure because my life is part of my work and my work is part of my life. It’s asking myself, is what I am doing and being in harmony with who I am?

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Living Authentically

Join us in this conversation with Joanna Ingram as we discuss the purpose driven work that lights us up, having a business that is sustainable for yourself, limiting beliefs, visibility in our business and so much more.

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