Our programs offer clarity, purpose, and a plan to lead your business and love your life
Uncover the path that’s right for you &
travel it fearlessly
We offer three unique programs, each suited for entrepreneurs who are ready to live life in harmony while serving a greater purpose through their business

Begin Your Journey

The Lit Up Life Programs

Private Coaching

Your purpose. Your plan.

With private business and leadership coaching, the program is crafted around you. Digging in with openness and perseverance so you can discover what it is you really want. Then, we have your north star to begin creating a path to achieve those desires, while overcoming subconscious binds that are

holding you back.

  • You’ll gain clarity

  • You’ll gain confidence

  • You’ll understand your true worth

  • You’ll tap into self-sustaining energy

  • You’ll overcome overwhelm

  • You’ll tap into abundance

  • You’ll have a plan and a guide every step of the way


Learn How You Can CREATE the Reality You Desire with Ease as a Member of The Lit Up Life Community Mastermind

The year long

Lit Up Life Community Mastermind
is the place for entrepreneurs who have moved beyond the start up phase and are ready to dive deeper to create long term abundance and lasting impact in their business and life. Community serves as the backbone of the Lit Up Life Mastermind. Creating deep, inner understanding in a safe and supportive space where you can experience growth with others who are on the same path.

Go beyond the buzz words of “Time and Financial Freedom” and learn how to create a new reality where you work and live the way you want.The Lit Up Life Mastermind fills in the blanks that are inherent to business ownership.


Our in-person and virtual retreats capitalize on the benefits of an interactive group dynamic

Many of us fall into this trap, feeling like we are trying to handle it all on our own. This can stop even the most committed entrepreneur from achieving what they want.

Attend the Cast Your Vision Women's Retreat to gain guidance, clarity, community, and momentum that will propel your forward in a life where you have more time and more control. All without sacrificing the things you value most.

In Their Words

What Our Clients Say

Debbie focuses on the holistic view of business and life, and she helped me find clarity and balance within both. She has a compassionate yet firm way of keeping me on task and helped me exceed what I thought I was capable of. In the time I worked with Debbie I doubled my income and gained valuable skills that I continue to utilize. The focus, momentum and financial gain has propelled me to a new level! If you’re looking to gain clarity on where you want to be and how to get there, you won’t regret hiring Debbie as your guide.

Amber Gildersleeve, Realtor

Debbie is an inspiring, phenomenal business coach; the kind who walks her talk as an innovative business woman. From my very first session with her, I’ve felt not only a boom in my writing business, but an expanded belief that I am worthy of success. She approaches coaching from the inside out for meaningful, wisdom-filled conversations. She is helping me get out of my own way.

Emily Hudson

I started with Debbie two and a half years ago.I have paid off $22,000 in debt. I've done 175 CE credits. I've traveled to multiple states over the last two and a half years to do that.

I keep reaching my financial goals, which have been higher every year.

I knew that I could not afford to

not work with Debbie. She provides structure and accountability that have given me physical, emotional, and financial sustainability and freedom.

Amanda Yoder

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